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Vivaan Veer Oberoi is the cute little son of Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi. He is about two years old. Vivaan means the rising sun. He is enough to suggest that he’s nothing less than a heartthrob in the making.
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Personal Profile

Name : Vivaan Veer Oberoi
Date of Birth : 6 February 2013
Age : 2 years
Ethnicity : Punjabi
Father Name : Vivek Oberoi
Mother Name : Priyanka Alva
Sister : Ameyaa Nirvana Oberoi
Grand father : Suresh Oberoi
Grand mother : Yashodhara Oberoi


Vivaan Veer Oberoi is the son of Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Alva. The couple got married on 29 October 2010. Vivek is the son of famous veteran Indian actor Suresh Oberoi and Yashodhara Oberoi. Priyanka is the daughter of Karnataka minister Jeevaraj Alva. Vivaan has a younger sister named Ameyaa Nirvana.

Vivaan and Vivek Oberoi

Vivek is very ideal dad for Vivaan. Vivek talks about his son, “While shooting for ‘Sher’, I came to know Priyanka was pregnant and I had decided that it was not only her who was pregnant, but we both were. I made it a point to go for each check-up and sonography, and I used to tell her really early in her pregnancy that we would have a boy. I would talk to her belly and she would laugh her head off. Then one day, I just started calling him Vivaan Veer Oberoi and she felt I was taking it too far. Vivaan means the rising sun. The first light that dispels the darkness. Veer due to our warrior heritage. There was this adorable fight between Priyanka and me as she felt what if we have a daughter?

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